Korean treasure No. 216. Rock-carved seated Budda of Beopjusa Temple, Boeun

This 6 meter tall Budda image carved on a large rock in low relief shows a Maitreaya Buddha seated on a chair which, along with the image of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattava carved beside it characterises the nature of Beoupjusa Temple.  The Budda is marked by a round face with benign look, long and large nose, present eyebrows, protruded eyelid, compressed mouth with thick lips, long ears, and the three folds on the neck, all showing the characteristic elements of the rock-carved Buddhas of the early Goryeo period. The shoulders are broad while the waist is disproportionately narrow. ..From the sign post in front of the Buddha statue, Boeun.  wp-1503157316892.