2016 AKWS committee members

Now 2017 AKWS committee started. Before introduce 2017 AKWS committee,  please let me say BIG THANK  YOU to 2016 AKWS  Committee members. Thank you for your excellent and brilliant job.

No. Name
1 Amal AlDhaheri  1st vice Director
2 Nourah Rashid AlShamsi Committee  
3 Noura Mohammed Alameri Committee  
4 Alyazia Mohammed Alshamsi Committee  
5 Hessa Alshamsi Present vice Director 
6 Mahra Hameedi Alshamsi Committee  
7 Mahaba Sultan AlSaleh Committee  
8 Reem Salim AlNaimi Committee
9 Ruba SafiEldeen Alfadil Committee 
10 Shamma Fahad Althehli Assistant Committee