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처네 쓴 여인, 《혜원 신윤복》 Painting of a Woman with a Cap ″1805년 음력 7월에 혜원이 그리다″라고 쓰여진 글과 그 아래 혜원신윤복(1758?-1817 이후)의 관지(작가의 이름과 함께 그린 장소나 일시, 누구를 위하여 그렸는지 등을 기록한 것)와 그의 자인 ″입부″가 새겨진 도장이 찍혀 있다. This painting greatly epitomizes the art of Shin Yun-bok (pan name “Hyewon”), who was rare among Joseon painters in that he often painted women as the central subject of his works. Shin is known for highlighting images of urban entertainment, lust, and passion. He frequently depicted scenes from the lives of gisaeng (Korean female entertainers), including their places of residence and their romances with literati. He depicted women with soft, delicate brushstrokes and light color washes, which he would then contrast with more bold colors for the women’s garments, like a bright red skirt or a yellow upper garment. In this work, a woman sits in her backyard, exuding ennui and she contemplatively looks past a lotus in full bloom. She is holding a long pipe in her left hand, and a saenghwang (wind instrument) in her right. The maturity and expressiveness of Shin’s art is evident in his neat and competent brushstrokes, the elaborate shades of his ink washes, and the sprightly use of light color washes. Album of Genre Painting on Women consists of six leaves: Woman by a Lotus Pond; Woman Wearing Jeonmo (a conical hat); A Market Scene; Woman Selecting a String for a Geomungo (a traditional string instrument); Woman Wearing Jangot (a long hood for a woman); and Woman Wearing Cheone (another type of long hood, shorter than a jangot). #소장품 #혜원 #신윤복 #조선 #여성

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