On 6th November last year, I collected 95 wishes in Korea Festival by KCC,  Al Ain. 32 were in Arabic and the rest of them are either Korean or English. I categorised them into 5 subjects, Korea, General life style, Love, Women and world.

Korea category has 2 parts : the first part is written in English while the second part is used in Korean : I left their own spellings whatever it is as it is closer to their intentions.

The below wishes are in the first part of Korea category.

  1. I wish다음 1004to go to 한국어together
  2. Carol, 사랑해I hope you will stay healthy. Take care.
  3. 행복하게 해주세요
  4. 사랑해요, 여러분
  5. I want to go to 한국어
  6. 한국에 가고 싶어요 ㅠㅠ
  7. 한국어 정말 가고 싶어요 ㅠㅠ
  8. 한국 또 가고 싶다
  9. 사자, 사랑해요. I hope that we will stay together for many years마리암
  10. 슈가, 사랑해