On 6th November last year, I collected 95 wishes in Korea Festival by KCC,  Al Ain. 32 were in Arabic and the rest of them are either Korean or English. I categorised them into 5 subjects, Korea, General life style, Love, Women and world.

The Generals category are as follows: I left their own spellings whatever it is as it is closer to their intentions.

  1. I wish I can stay best friends with Rania forever
  2. I wish to be close to God person
  3. Let’s be happy together , S and S
  4. I wish all wishes come true
  5. I wish I can live my life the way I want
  6. I want to improve my Arabic
  7. I wish that it is happen
  8. I wish that I keep on my scholarship and to rise my GPA 3.9
  9. I wan to have a good life
  10. I want to be happy
  11. I wish everything will be fine and happy
  12. Want to be PH. D and professor
  13. I wish to get A’s I wish I can spend my whole life with you, boys and girls
  14. I wish happiness and joy to fill up my loved ones
  15. I wish to graduate from uni
  16. I want to live and work creative
  17. To have pace and happiness throughout life
  18. To stay with my sisters and friends and grow up together